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Connect with any target audience, knowing that the people you connect with are real and engaged.

Built upon a foundation of transparency, respect, and decades of experience in building engaged communities, we carefully nurture trusted relationships with the people who participate in research studies.

We employ robust identity verification procedures that extend far beyond the minimum compliance standards, so you can have confidence in reaching audiences who are not only genuine but also genuinely interested, making your interactions more meaningful and reliable.

At TestSet, we specialise in customising our audience services to meet the unique needs of each study. Our dedicated team works closely with you, providing expert consultation to design a tailored sampling plan. We carefully consider feasibility, timing, and budget, collaborating with you to determine the most effective sampling strategy. Leveraging Payswell, our first-party survey panel, and our network of certified partners, we ensure the delivery of high-quality sample frames that are best suited for your project.


Any device, type of question, length or insights platform – we have you covered.

Our highly seasoned customer service team is here for you to get your project up and running quickly and flawlessly from inception to completion. From scripting the most complex survey to diligently monitoring the study’s progress, we ensure that quotas are met, and the project is always completed on time and within budget.

No matter the platform, we know how to program efficient studies that result in useful data output for processing and reporting. Our team has expertise across all the popular insights tools to create results that are visually engaging and device agnostic. And, we always have a pulse on your needs, offering flexibility, consultation, and guidance whenever it’s needed.

The TestSet service team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations every time.


Data processing, dashboarding and data visualisation to meet your specific needs.

Let us make it easy for you to get answers to difficult questions. The TestSet team is experienced in a wide range of data processing, dashboarding and visualisation services to provide you with a quick and cost-effective alternative to doing it yourself.

We source the industry’s best data management solutions giving you unlimited flexibility in how you can receive and consume your results. Download data into Excel or Powerpoint, publish online dashboards while projects are still in the field, or import into a leading data visualisation service – whatever format works for you, we deliver.

From finding the hardest-to-reach audiences through complex survey scripting and data management, our team ensures a seamless experience – every time.

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