Our Story

The Insights industry has witnessed remarkable evolution over the years, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors. We are now facing another pivotal juncture of new challenges where change isn’t just desired – it’s necessary.

TestSet was created to reshape the future of consumer insights data. Founded by industry veterans who have consistently anticipated and adapted to evolving trends by embracing new technologies, TestSet is at the forefront of transforming how businesses access first-party data.

Harmonising the efficiencies of modern technology with the care and expertise only humans can provide, our data is consistently reliable and easily accessible – every time.

TestSet is an ACKWEST Group Company.

Brands, marketers and insights professionals deserve a more efficient and reliable source of insights data to drive confident decisions.

TestSet was created for you!

Our Name 

The TestSet name originates from a process used in machine learning - a secondary (or tertiary) dataset that provides an unbiased assessment of how the model would perform in a real-world application.

TestSet, in the consumer insights landscape, represents true, uncorrupted first-party data that businesses can rely on.

Testset [test•set]
1. a secondary (or tertiary) dataset that is used to test and validate an assumption or an idea

Our Promise

At TestSet we are committed to providing precision, accountability, and flexibility that businesses trust. We always prioritise your needs and collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your goals and challenges while exceeding your expectations.

Consistently reliable and easily accessible data - every time.

Our SET Values

Cultivating trust throughout every interaction.

  • Shared Vision

    • Aligning efforts toward a common goal creates a powerful force to drive us forward. Together, we achieve more!
    • Encouraging individuality we cultivate an environment rich in innovation and creativity contributing unique talents to a common goal.
    • Embracing change together, we adapt more effectively, relying on our collective goals as a stable foundation.
  • Excellence

    • Achieving the highest standards of quality, performance, and effectiveness across all aspects, at all times.
    • Consistently enhancing our processes and services to exceed expectations for our customers and study participants.
    • Making time to go the extra mile to ensure accuracy, quality, and thoroughness in every task, big or small.
  • Transparency

    • Building a supportive culture of sharing and collaboration where everyone is valued.
    • Encouraging a growth mindset where team members feel comfortable contributing and learning together.
    • Always seeking innovative ideas and perspectives through relentless curiosity.


TestSet is owned and operated by ACKWEST Group, a holding company in the marketing technology space. Led by visionary entrepreneurs and insights pioneers, ACKWEST acquires, builds and scales today’s emerging businesses into the global leaders of tomorrow.

  • Colin Turner-Kerr

    Managing Director - Europe

    Passionate about achieving best-in-class customer experiences, Colin brings over 20 years of expertise in data creation, consumer insights and research technology. As the leader of TestSet, he excels in building teams that strike the perfect balance between people and technology, ensuring unmatched service and high-quality data delivery. Outside of work, Colin is a proud father of three and a music enthusiast.

  • Dina Patel

    Director of Operations – Europe

    With over two decades of insights operations experience, Dina’s mission is simple: ensure our clients are not just satisfied but delighted. She leverages her expertise in optimising workflows and leading remarkable teams to make every interaction with TestSet truly exceptional. Outside of work, Dina is a globe-trotter, activating her Out of Office to explore and bask in the sun.

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